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Sound Journey

The benefits of waves on the body and mind

Come and relax to the sound of the Handpan, an instrument with very soft metallic tones and bewitching resonance, and enjoy the well-being provided on your body and your mind.

The sound journeys are a parenthesis in a daily life sometimes obscured by constraints, thoughts, anxieties, stress. It is a moment of pause of the mind carrying calm and serenity. The sound, but also the vibrations of the Handpans offer a smooth entry into the relaxation. No need for special knowledge, you just need to let yourself be lulled by the sound waves!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Want a sound journey near you? It's possible, contact me ! (Group session from 4 people.)

Voyage sonore Thierry Bleton
Voyage Sonore: À propos de moi
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